Types of photoshoot

There are many Genres of photoshoot out there, but let’s face it, we are here to talk about the sexy ones …

The common ones in my world are Boudoir, Glamour, Artistic Nude and Erotic. These are the ones we will touch on.

The Boudoir Shoot

A beautiful model posing for an erotic and nude photographer

This genre is quite popular with ladies and is very empowering and uplifting. The name comes from the French word for Bedroom, and that is exactly what a Boudoir shoot is all about. A glimpse into the serene beauty of a lady and her bedroom.  Today we use this term to refer to shoots that are sexy and can be quite suggestive, but they are designed to enhance the female beauty and must above all else empower a women to feel confident and love themselves. Boudoir shoots can have nudity, but are often shot with lingerie and when nude the body is often draped and only implied nudity is shown. These are amazing confidence builders for any lady, and I highly recommend them for that. Many ladies do a boudoir shoot just for themselves and some do one as a gift to their significant other, the key component of any boudoir shoot is that it is a safe space in which you can express your senuslity without any fear. Your photos are treated with the utmost discretion and are yours alone unless you want them shown on my site. A boudoir shoot is simply about capturing the true beauty that everywoman possesses.

Glamour photoshoots

This Genre is a lot less subtle and is commonly topless and or nude and shot outdoors. Glamour has a target audience that is predominantly male and the images are about teasing the male libido. Its basically young gorgeous models showing their assets, no fancy light, just lots of it to show it all.
I do not shoot glamour 

Aristic Nude photoshoots

This is the Genre that I fell in love with many years ago. As the name implied, the models are nude, but in most cases there is not too much shown as Artistic Nudes are about the art form that is the shape of the human body. There is no rule as to what body shape a model has to be, if the photographer sees art in your shape, then your shape is the perfect fit for that work of art. I have photographed models of all ages from 21 to 54 and all of them took my breath away for so many reasons. In fact in Artistic nudes, curves are your friend as we use light and shadow to create amazing images, and curves just make such gorgeous shapes.
This genre is and always will be my first love.

Erotic photoshoots

Ok so now we have reached the tightrope of genres. This one is by far the most difficult to shoot as it is Highly subjective. My idea of erotic may well be your idea of porn. This is currently my genre of choice, mainly because it is so catalysing and subjective. The first thing you need to know is that Erotic art is both sexual and sensual. Erotic art appeals to both male and female. It follows a very similar path to porn and can have pornographic elements within it. The fundamental difference is art! An erotic shoot will both show and hide, it will tease, it will have shadows in all the wrong places so that you can and cannot see what is happening. Sometimes it can be blatant and be telling a story. It should arouse, but at its core it should be art.
If you look at it and think, it would look great on a wall (maybe not the living room wall) then it has achieved its purpose. All in all it should make you Feel! When asked what it is that I shoot when I do an Eotic shoot, the answer is simple, I shoot chemistry!



Now that you have a little more information on what kinds of shoots we can do you can make a more informed decision when thinking about your shoot!


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