Exploring the Explicit Side of Erotic Photography

A Guide for the Bolder Model

In today’s age of open expression and boundary-pushing art, a new realm has surfaced that marries the age-old allure of eroticism with a candid exploration of human sexuality: explicit erotic photography. While it may not be for the faint-hearted, for those willing to embrace its challenges and rewards, this genre can be a liberating journey.

The Lure of the Taboo

Throughout history, art has always pushed societal boundaries. From the audacious works of Robert Mapplethorpe in the 1980s to today’s modern provocateurs, explicit content has fascinated and shocked in equal measure. Yet, with its appeal comes a multitude of considerations for aspiring models.

First time models will often tell me they initially feel trepidation but are pleasantly surprised by the empowering rush they feel after the shoot.

That rush is very much to do with doing something that normal society frowns upon! Being able to do it … and enjoy it can be both empowering and very rewarding to certain people who don’t like to follow the unwritten rules of the more puritanical in our society.

Preparing Yourself is Key!

Just as an athlete prepares for a marathon, venturing into explicit photography requires mental and physical readiness. Understand your boundaries, and anticipate both the empowerment and possible vulnerabilities you might feel. This kind of preparation will be truly valuable post shoot!

Finding Your Perfect Collaborator

This is where I should be shouting “pick me … picke me” but thats not the way it works! Not all photographers are created equal. Research is key. Seek out those whose work you admire and resonate with. Always meet them in person first. Make sure they are on the same page as you and that you put together an outline for the shoot that you are both comfortable with. Make sure that if you are pushing your boundaries that there is an agreement in place whereby you can call a halt at any time. And above all there needs to be the proper chemistry between you and your photographer otherwise you will not be comfortable on the day of the shoot. If necessary ask for a test shoot first for you to gradually dip your toes into these sometimes muddy waters!

Setting the Scene

Each shoot should tell a story. Whether it’s a sultry, voyeuristic narrative or an exploration of BDSM aesthetics, the scene, props, and attire should reflect it. And never underestimate the power of a safe word, ensuring comfort and control throughout. Having a scene in mind helps you get into “character” and doing so will show in the final images. A story with a flow always makes a shoot better.

Down to Business

As with any art form, there’s potential for commercial success. Understand your rights, from model releases to copyrights. Some models have made lucrative careers, their works gracing the walls of exclusive art collectors. It is important to have this side of the shoot sorted before you take any pics. If a photographer does not want to discuss this part – that is an alarm bell!

Navigating Public Perception

There’s no sugarcoating it; diving into this genre might raise eyebrows.  Be sure that you are aware of this and are ready for any issues that can come from this. If Anonymity is part of what you need this also needs to be discussed with your photographer and become part of your agreement.

The internet offers a vast audience but comes with pitfalls. Protecting your content and ensuring it’s shared on platforms that respect and value explicit art is paramount. And know this … there will be trolls! This new age of social media will always bring with it people who believe that their opinion is important and must be shared rudely with those that differ in opinion. These trolls are small people who will only be happy when the world agrees with their limited vision!

Do not listen to the trolls – they are of no importance what so ever – as long as you are happy with yourself, your values and your photos, then why should the opinion of a stranger be of any importance. Be you!

Ethical Boundaries

Ethics should never be compromised. Every shoot should be a collaboration of mutual respect and empowerment. Aftercare, both emotionally and professionally, is as essential as the shoot itself. Discuss this beforehand and make sure you are both in agreement. And most importantly do this because you enjoy it, that will show in the final images.

Like any artistic endeavor, explicit erotic photography isn’t for everyone. But for those who feel its pull, it can be a transformative journey. Always prioritize safety, respect, and self-awareness. The world of art is vast, and there’s a place for every form of expression.


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