Modeling Chemistry: Working with Erotic Photographers

naked woman in shadow posing

Modeling Chemistry The secret to great erotic photography In this article I want to explore one of the most important parts of my chosen genres of photography, the chemistry between model and photographer. As a professional photographer specializing in this field, I’ve witnessed firsthand the profound impact that chemistry or lack thereof between the model […]

The Vital Importance of Consent in Erotic Photography

A naked lady covers her face with her hands

The Vital Importance of Consent in Erotic Photography In the world of nude, sensual and erotic photography, there is an underlying principle that must always be emphasized and respected: consent. Consent is the cornerstone of ethical and responsible artistic expression within this genre. It is crucial to recognize that the human body is deeply personal, […]

Breaking Taboos: The Evolution of Nude Photography in Modern Society

Breaking Taboos: The Evolution of Nude Photography in Modern Society Nude photography, an art form that has both captivated and challenged society for centuries, has experienced a remarkable evolution in its perception. From being considered taboo and scandalous to its acceptance as a legitimate art form, the journey of nude photography mirrors the changing societal […]

Types of Shoots

Types of photoshoot There are many Genres of photoshoot out there, but let’s face it, we are here to talk about the sexy ones … The common ones in my world are Boudoir, Glamour, Artistic Nude and Erotic. These are the ones we will touch on. The Boudoir Shoot This genre is quite popular with […]

Preparing for your shoot

Preparing for your first shoot #1 So, you have decided to go out on a limb and have your first erotic or nude photoshoot, Now what! So many people want to try one, but never quite muster the courage to book the shoot. Others go so far as to book the shoot, then get cold […]


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